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COVID-19 Through The Months

The coronavirus pandemic that is presently distorting activities in the world reportedly originated from a lab in Wuhan, China before making its way across seas and borders to virtually every part of the world and Nigeria has not been excluded from the list of countries with recorded casualties after the country recorded its first case on 27th February 2020.
The first case reported in the country was from an Italian international who had arrived in the country on 24th February 2020 aboard the Turkish airline from Milan. The index case of COVID-19 in the country arrived via the Murtala Muhammed international airport in Lagos and travelled to Ogun state the next day where he works, only to fall ill and present himself at the staff clinic where a physician suspected him to have contacted the virus and then referred him to the Infectious diseases hospital (IDH) in Yaba, Lagos. It was then confirmed that he had the virus after tests were run on him.
At this point, there were only two other African countries that had recorded a case of coronavirus, with Egypt and Algeria having recorded cases in their country as well. Globally, there had been a total of 85,403 cases recorded in the 45 countries that had been affected worldwide, with 95.5% of those cases being reported from China. There had also been a considerable fatality from the virus as it was spreading across the world, with 2,924 deaths recorded in the world.

The cases in the country kept increasing and at the end of March, the country had seen a significant rise in the cases that it had been recording, with new cases being reported as tests and contact tracing of cases started in earnest. The second case was reported during the month, and he was a Nigerian citizen in Ogun state who had come in contact with the Italian international before he went into isolation. By the 31st of March, the country had recorded a total of 139 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and they had been discovered in 12 states, with Lagos which is often called the commercial capital of Nigeria the state with the highest number of cases. The FCT, Oyo state, Osun state and Ogun state made up the 5 states with the highest number of cases with 28, 8, 5, 4 respectively. Deaths had also been recorded, with 2 casualties recorded in the country from coronavirus. Those two deaths were from cases being managed in the university of Abuja teaching hospital in Gwagwalada.
There had been a significant surge in cases globally, with a little over 750 thousand cases confirmed in 192 countries that had recorded cases in the world as at the end of March. 36,405 people had also reportedly died as a result of infection from COVID-19, representing close to 5% of the total confirmed cases. The virus had also been actively spreading in Africa, as more countries recorded case during the month which brought the total number of affected countries in the continent to 54.

At the end of April, there had been a significant increase in the number of cases in Nigeria as the pandemic grew as a bigger risk in the country, referencing with the end of March, with over 10 times more cases recorded in April alone. The cases had gotten to 1,932 in the country, with 35 states including the FCT having been recorded a COVID-19 case. The only states to have not recorded a case was Kogi and Cross River state. There had also been increased fatality, with 58 confirmed deaths from the virus making it a 3% fatality rate as opposed to a 1% fatality rate from the previous month. Lagos state still had the highest number of cases in the country with 976 cases reported in the state as at the end of April. Kano state had seen a surge in COVID-19 cases in the state during April, with 219 cases being reported in the state after none had been recorded previously. The FCT, Gombe and Borno states made up the 5 states with the highest number of cases with 178, 76 and 66 cases being reported in the states respectively.
Globally, the COVID-19 pandemic had spread to 210 countries and also seen a significant surge in the number of infected people with over 3 million cases recorded worldwide and almost 218 thousand deaths recorded from the virus in the world.

At the end of May, the country had recorded a total number of 10,162 confirmed cases of COVID-19, as the cases had spread to 36 states of the country including the FCT. The only state that had not recorded an official case up until the end of May was Cross Rivers state. The number of cases in Lagos state had kept surging through the month, with Lagos recording the highest numbers again with 4,943 cases recorded in the state alone. The other states with the highest number of confirmed COVID-19 cases were Kano, FCT, Katsina and Oyo state. They had 954 cases, 660 cases, 364 cases and 292 cases respectively. The deaths in the country also kept increasing during the month, with no proven medication for the treatment of the virus coming up, the only proven means of containing the spread of the virus was by avoiding contact with other people. There had been a total of 287 deaths that were recorded from the spread of the virus in the country by the end of the month.
Globally, the cases of coronavirus had almost doubled with almost 6 million confirmed cases recorded in the world. These cases were recorded from 213 countries. There had also been a significant increase in deaths in the world, with a little over 367 thousand deaths recorded.

At the end of June, the number of cases recorded in the country had more than doubled as the country struggled to cope with the spread of the dreaded COVID-19 pandemic. The country had recorded a total of 25,694 cases by the end of June, with Lagos state still making a huge portion of that figure up after the state also recorded an increase of over 100% from the previous month. Lagos state recorded 10,510 cases by the end of June which was a little over 40% of the total number of cases recorded in the country. The other states that recorded the highest number of confirmed cases were FCT which had 1,870 cases, Oyo which is a neighbouring state to Lagos recorded 1,380 cases. Kano state and Edo state made up the remaining five states to have contracted the virus with 1,216 cases and 1,105 cases respectively. The only state to have not officially recorded a case in the country was cross rivers state. The casualties recorded from the pandemic by the end of June was from 590 people in the country.
At this point, the global case index had risen to over 10 million cases worldwide. The spread of the virus continued as every country struggled to prevent people from contracting the virus. there were also over 100 thousand additional deaths in the month with close to 504 thousand people pronounced dead from the virus.

At the end of July, the number of confirmed cases had increased to almost double the figure that was recorded at the end of June. The country had recorded a total of 43,151 cases of coronavirus, after spreading to all the states in the country including the FCT. Lagos state still had the highest number of cases recorded with a total of 15,121 cases of coronavirus recorded in the state alone by the end of the month. This was close to 5 times the number recorded in other states and represented about 35% of the total cases in the country. The FCT, Oyo, Edo and Rivers state were the other states recording high cases with 3,803 cases, 2,760 cases, 2,292 cases and 1,791 cases recorded in the states respectively. There was also a significant increase in casualty, with 879 deaths recorded from the virus by the end of the month.
Globally, the number of people infected from the COVID-19 pandemic was now over 17 million, with 214 countries recording cases in the world. The number of people recorded to have died from the pandemic was close to 669 thousand at this point with the virus still spreading.

At the end of August, the rate at which cases had been reported was significantly reduced, with only about 12 thousand cases recorded in the whole month. The number of COVID-19 positive tests that had been recorded in the country was 54,008 people at the end of the month. Lagos state was still the state to have recorded the most cases, with the state bringing a total of 18,138 new cases of COVID-19. The FCT was a far second with 5,169 recorded cases in the capital, Oyo, Edo and Plateau state made up the 5 highest states, recording 3,118 cases, 2,584 cases and 2,533 cases respectively. The country also passed the 1 thousand death mark during the month, recording a total of 1,013 casualties in the country.
Globally, the number of people affected with COVID-19 had also crossed a milestone, with over 25 million people infected from the virus in the world from 216 countries. There have also been over 844 thousand casualties recorded in the world.

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