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How To Make Your Kids Wear Their Face Mask

The coronavirus pandemic that originated in Wuhan, China is still currently spreading in the world and it affects persons of all ages, ranging from children to adults and most especially the elderly. The elderly and sick people are those that are focused on more in the world, with that demographic seen as the most vulnerable of all with a lesser chance of survival than others if they contact the virus. The other groups also have considerable fatality rates, but with the chance of a healthier system, they have a higher fighting chance against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Chance of survival is not usually the aim, as the plan when leaving your house is generally not to get the virus and risk the chance of spread or death. For this, a face mask is needed to help protect the nose and mouth from openings that the virus gets into the body through.

Of this group, children are seen as the high-risk demographic in getting the virus as they are more likely to be less careful in their day to day activities than adults and the elderly. The kids who contact the virus can in turn infect the older people they come in contact with if care is not taken, which can be fatal.

For this, kids must wear their face masks at all times when in the presence of other kids or adults. Convincing kids to wear facemasks can prove to be harder than one can imagine, with kids less concerned about their health than adults.

To encourage the wearing of facemasks by kids, a few methods can be adopted to keep them interested in wearing their masks. Some of these are;

  1. Matching face mask and clothes design

A face mask that matches the clothes being worn by the kids can be seen as an accessory by the kids and this can get them very interested in wearing these masks to match with the clothes they have worn.

matching cloth and face mask
picture of a child’s dress having a face mask to match

2. Cartoon character/superhero designs

Face mask imprinted on with cartoon characters or superhero designs can be very exciting for kids, where they have the option of wearing a mask designed with a picture of their favourite cartoon character or superhero character.

3. Funny mouths/animal mouth design

The masks can be seen as a source of comic relief when the kids wear it, with various funny mouths and an animal mouth that take the place of their mouth as a design when the mask is worn correctly over the mouth and nose.

4. Emoji face mask design

Emojis are very expressive icons, having face masks with various emojis either printed as a single design on the full mask or different emojis printed on one face mask, scattered all over it. Kids can be intrigued by masks that show a level of expression that they would like to show off.

5. Colourful design prints

Colours can be very attractive to all humans, as they trigger some sort of reaction in the brain. Colourful designs on masks can trigger even more of that reaction in kids, and as such, encourage them to wear the masks more often, hereby staying safe.

6. Face Mask with name printed on

Kids would tend to stick to face masks that can be attached to them by their name. It would excite them to wear a mask with their name on it while going out or in school.

face mask with names
children face mask designed with their names

Masks are advised to be worn by all governing body and health officials in the world, and you can always shop for your facemask from the Naira Town shop on

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