types of face mask


There are different types of face masks presently in circulation, with the spread of the coronavirus, face masks must be worn at all times while in public places and around other people. The facemasks differ from each other but primarily should contain filters to enable them to be breathable by the wearer.


With the outbreak of COVID from Wuhan, China it became essential for the use of face masks all around the world, with face masks of different types sprouting up due to the need to stay safe and prevent the contraction of the virus, the use of surgical face masks seemed to be the most used against the virus at the early stages of the outbreak. The surgical masks have been used by healthcare professionals for a long time now and the use is approved by all health bodies, with the surgical masks expected to be for one-time use.

surgical face mask
a set of surgical face mask arranged


The professional N95 and 3M face masks are believed to be better at preventing from dust and air particles than most other face masks, with their industrial applications before the coronavirus seen to be very good for prevention against air particles.


Due to various circumstances, ranging from availability of these masks to price, the need for the use of cotton tailored face mask was seen as a better substitute also since it is easily washable and can be reused for several times before it is disposed of. Cotton masks are also usually very breathable and comfortable. They can be designed in various ways and come in various packages.


This mask is one of the less popular ones, with the use not associated with healthcare and hospitals. It is mostly worn by painters and woodworkers, with good prevention from the fumes that erupt from them.


This option of face mask is made to cover the full face and is not regularly used for prevention by individuals, but mostly for people working in dusty environments. People with pre-existing respiratory issues are advised to use this to breathe properly while still staying safe.

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