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Isolation Centre Equipment and Their Uses

The COVID-19 pandemic came with a distinctive task and responsibility for the government to set up temporary isolation centres across the country to house those infected with the virus comfortably, in a separate environment from the majority of the hospital.

This brought the need for equipment that are needed specifically for the treatment and managing of COVID cases to be set up in the hospitals, in and around workings of the COVID isolation centres.

Some of these equipment needed in the COVID-19 isolation centres include;

  1. ICU Bed

ICU beds are beds predominantly used in the different specialist units in a hospital for the care and comfort of patients who are critically ill. These are electric beds that are fitted with a pressure-relieving mattress, designed to attain a chair sitting position or a Trendelenburg position while on the bed, they can also be fitted with IV poles wand hooks that assist professionals in the administering of medications. They are important in COVID-19 isolation centres as they provide ease for the patients and provide support for ventilators to be attached to for critically ill patients.

icu bed
an electric icu bed on a white background

2. Ventilators (Adult And Infant)

A ventilator is a machine meant to aid people that have difficulty breathing at any particular point in time. COVID-19 is a respiratory virus that affects the patient’s ability to breathe in an extreme situation, this effect is deadlier than any other effect it has on an individual that has contracted the virus. For this, a ventilator is a piece of the very necessary equipment to have handy in any medical centre or isolation centre handling any case of coronavirus.

3. Oxygen Gas

Oxygen is the essential gas inhaled by humans and animals that is necessary for survival. As an essential need in hospitals and isolation centres, oxygen therapy is required as an integral part of the treatment of patients with critical symptoms of COVID-19.

4. X-Ray

An X-ray machine is an electromagnetic radiation device that penetrates structures within the body without harming any organ to create precise images of the organs in the body, it is predominantly used to detect abnormalities in the body system ranging from broken bones and tumours to the presence of foreign bodies inside the human body. COVID-19 is a foreign body in the system and it affects the lungs of some symptomatic patients. The x-ray can be used to detect the presence of the virus in the lungs of patients with known symptoms of the virus, though it is not used to test for the virus specifically. An x-ray is also more practical and useful in the detection of pneumonia in the lungs of the sick patients (even while attached to a ventilator) as this can be very critical if not detected and monitored during infection with the disease. CT equipment can be used, but they are more difficult to disinfect and would risk the infection of the health workers that are associated with the patients in the healthcare centre.

x-ray machine
an x-ray machine used in labs and hospitals

5. PPE

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is equipment meant for the protection of a user against safety or health risks while at work. These gears are used in isolation centres to protect against the contracting of the COVID-19 virus by the frontline workers that are exposed to people infected with the virus. The PPE can include a coverall, eye protection/shield, safety footwear, gloves and a face mask etc.

full ppe gear
picture of a white fulle ppe used in covid centres

6. Face Masks

Face masks are facial coverings worn by individuals to prevent the spread of COVID-19 by containing the small droplets that are let out from the mouth or nose while infected. A face mask is also worn by people who do not have the virus to protect them from any contamination. In isolation centres, face masks are worn essentially by everybody to prevent further spread, and it is advised for isolation centres to provide these face masks frequently to dispose of possibly contaminated ones properly. They are also part of the equipment used in the PPE.

surgical face mask
a blue surgical face mask

7. Medical Gloves

Medical gloves are PPE used by health professionals in the handling of samples or treatment of patients who are sick or infected to prevent direct contact with the hands. They are used in COVID-19 isolation centres to handle test samples because of the possibility of infection from the virus, they are also worn while handling the patients to prevent direct contact with the patient. They are part of the make-up of PPE.

medical gloves
blue hand medical gloves

8. Thermometer

A thermometer is a device that is used to measure and indicate the temperature of either food, liquid, air or body. In a COVID-19 isolation centre, infrared thermometers are the thermometers predominantly used to check temperatures while avoiding direct contact. Personnel coming into the isolation centres are scanned for their temperatures regularly as this is one of the most common symptoms of infection from the virus. 

three thermometers with different colours

9. Pulse Oximeter

A pulse oximeter is a painless and easily used device that is used to measure how much light is absorbed by your blood, this gives the saturation of oxygen present in the blood. In a COVID-19 isolation centre, a pulse oximeter can be used to monitor the oxygen levels of patients thereby noticing any form of fluctuation from the normal oxygen levels early enough.

pulse oximeter
Pulse oximeter on finger is a good way to test blood oxygen level in case of virus infection of the lungs

10. Hygiene Supplies/Cleaning Supplies

Healthy living in an isolation centre is a necessity as viruses and diseases breed better in a dirty environment. For this, there is a need for the constant presence of sanitizers, soap and detergents, clean towels, tissues, trash cans, mops, buckets and personal hygiene products like toothbrush, soap, sanitary pads, etc.

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