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Isolation centre Personnel

The COVID-19 pandemic brought about the deadliest period experienced by the whole world in recent times, with a disease that was entirely new to everyone and relatively deceptive with its different symptoms that is shown in different people, ranging from mild and manageable symptoms to the more critical symptoms that tend to prove very fatal.

These symptoms called for a special monitoring of those infected, and this was also done mostly in a confined environment separate from the regular hospital setting where other patients who had not contacted the virus were also present. There was a need to set up isolation centres to supplement the hospitals already handling the infected individuals, and also for those places where the hospitals are not conducive enough to house the confirmed infected cases appropriately.

This also brought the need for personnel who could assist in the handling of these cases to be hired, with their jobs specifically pointing to the symptoms experienced by the coronavirus patients, as well as personnel necessary for running of a medical service centre, with day to day activities to be carried out.

Some of these personnel are;

  • Doctors/pediatrician/Infection expert: Without a doubt, there shouldn’t be any isolation centre without a doctor present. Doctors have a very specific role played in checking the patient, reading symptoms and making critical decisions that could save the life of a patient that gets into a more serious infection stage.
  • psychiatrists and psychologists: This group of specialist are vital for isolation centres because they help in dealing with the emotional and mental changes a COVID-19 patient might be going through during isolation. With no family around a patient, they might tend to be dealing with some psychological issues which these specialist would be on ground to fix/control while dealing with even the healthcare practitioners stationed there with them.
  • Pharmacist/medicine specialist: A pharmacist or medicine specialist is vital to approve a drug recommended for a patient, change the dosage, change the prescription where there is the need to change it in order to suit the needs of the patient.
  • Public health experts/Epidemiologist: This group of workers are there to maintain a conducive environment as well as monitor the reactions of the patients to the environmental changes, as well as the effects on their COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Laboratory technician/microbiologist: The lab technician and microbiologist have the free role to study the different adaptations of the virus in each patient, as well as conducting lab tests to ascertain the COVID-19 result of samples taken from patients or suspected cases.
  • Nurse: A nurse is an ever-present figure in any medical facility, as nurses are mostly seen as the first responders to the patients, ensuring regular checks, and providing drugs as well as administering injections where the need arises.
  • Dietician: This specialist takes care of the consumption requirements for the patients, suggesting meals that should be prepared, as well as keeping record of any possible allergies that some patients might have to some certain food content in order to reduce the chance of allergic reactions which might cause bigger problems to a patient struggling for his life.
  • Housekeeping staff: The isolation centre should remain neat and tidy at all times to preventing the breeding of other organisms, and maintain a stable healthy hygienic environment for the patients to be comfortable in while they undergo treatments.
  • Driver: A driver is in charge of the daily transportation of the health workers as well as the patients coming into the isolation centres in order to minimize contact with the public and risk the further spread of the virus.

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