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Benefits of Organic Products on Your Skin

The use of organic skincare products has been in competition with non-organic (synthetic) products for a long time, with many groups preferring the non-organic products that have been prepared from various chemicals to the organic ones made from naturally existing chemicals. with the fact that a huge chunk of the products applied to our skin is absorbed directly into our bloodstream, it points the fact that in order to take care of both the skin and body system, the organic products are more preferable, amongst other reasons.

  1. Contains non-harmful ingredients (less chemicals):

With the skin absorbing about 60% of what is put on the skin into the bloodstream, it is far more healthy to put non-organic products on your skin, in order to reduce the chance of contamination by harmful chemicals which might (if not checked properly) cause skin diseases and cancer when it reacts heavily with the blood in the system.

2. Less likely to cause allergies:

While it does not completely eliminate the risk of allergies from the use of organic skincare products, the organic products are less likely to cause allergic reactions due to the ingredients being natural, and in the case where there is an allergic reaction, the cause of the reaction can be easily identified as not a lot of varying elements are put into the formulation of organic products. So, it would be way easier to spot that the skin is reacting to a product made from peanut than it would be to deduce that the skin is reacting to Sodium Laureth Sulfate.

3. Rich in nutrients:

The nutrients present in organic skincare products help in enriching the skin with naturally existing components used in formulating the mixture. These do a lot in purifying the skin, hydrating the skin, cleansing and healing the skin among other uses, with ingredients such as aloe vera, grapefruit, lavender, tea tree, acai oil and honey etc. used to provide these.

4. They work better for your skin:

The use of skin care product is usually to moisturize the skin, and enrich it rather than dry up the skin. Organic products mostly contain about 95% active ingredients as opposed to about 5% to 10% contained by the non-organic products. This 95% content is made up of a high level of antioxidants which are vital for the skin.

5. Encourages healthy lifestyle:

The use of organic products could be seen as a gateway tool into the use of more healthy products that would encourage healthy living in humans. By using organic products which would suit you, you are more likely to start engaging in more healthy choice of lifestyle in order to boost your all-round health irrespective of age. This would range from eating healthier to exercising more etc.

6. Eco-friendly and not tested on animals:

The use of organic products would keep you in the safe thought that you would be using a product that has nothing to do with the degeneration of the earth or harming of any animal whatsoever in the tests (trials) of the product. By using these products, you would also be supporting environmentally friendly practices, as well as minimizing the damage caused by the process of forming the non-organic products.

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