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Tips to Protect Yourself from COVID-19

The spread of covid-19 has been rapidly increasing in all countries in recent weeks, with the world struggling to get a hold of the dreaded virus as the scholars and scientists try to find certain cures for a virus that was largely unknown by most in the health sector, with no basis to get the treatments that would generally serve to cure the virus. The best option for treatment has been to treat symptoms exhibited by the virus rather than try to treat the virus itself with touted cures that might cause more harm than good to the patient suffering from the virus. This system is largely based on the assumptions that the first option, which is to avoid contracting the virus proves impossible when all was done to prevent it.

There are different tips to bear in mind while in your daily activities to protect yourself from covid-19, some of these tips are basic but easily forgotten while others can be easily cultivated into a habit for yourself which is way more preferable in order to stay safe always which is the goal.

1. Wear a mask: This, perhaps more than any other tip is the most essential and should be cultivated into a habit sooner than every other preventive measure here. The wearing of the mask also means wearing clean masks at all time. These should always be well washed regularly in the case where they are reusable face masks that were used rather than the disposable ones which should be disposed of after use, so as to avoid contamination. Masks now make up essential materials to take out of your homes, as most services and offices would deny you passage into the premises without a mask.

2. Wash/Sanitize your Hands Regularly: We come in contact with various substances every minute, from the doors we open, the buttons we press to the hands we shake (which should be avoided at all costs). These contacts if not disinfected properly by the washing/sanitizing of hands are likely to have carried particles which might be harmful to the body which can come around to making contact with the face mask (assuming one is worn) or the face itself.

3. Maintain Physical Distance: Ensure to always maintain a physical distance of at least 2 metres (6 feet) from anybody around you, especially when you are in a place with unfamiliar people (like banks and malls, etc.). This in addition to no-touch greetings would prevent the likelihood that you make contact with people who may be carrying the virus unknowingly, as it has been seen that people can be active spreaders while not showing acute symptoms themselves.

4. Avoid Crowds: perhaps the toughest part of going about your everyday life normally would be to go about your life normally without going to the regular public places which you are so often used to like markets, malls, religious gatherings and public meetings etc where the chance of maintaining a physical distancing of 2 metres at all times is nearly impossible. These crowded places tend to be regular hotspots for the virus to thrive among individuals easily and spread without any hindrances.

5. Obey Government Directives: There might have been a case of an uncontrollable outbreak in some areas, which the government might decide to put on lockdown. In the case of such instances, it is advisable to always obey the government rules and stay indoors while contact-tracing is carried out on possible cases and the spread has been curbed before they would tell when its safe to move again within that environment.

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