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5 Reasons You Should Buy Eco-Friendly

The regular answer I would give to this when asked personally would be “why not?”, but for the sake of posterity, I would give more details in my answer.

1. The Environment

The most important reason for buying eco-friendly and living eco-friendly is the environment. The environment has been put as a direct responsibility to all humans to maintain, with the “creator” (assuming you believe there was an initial creator) seen to have made humans from completely recyclable materials which makes it very easy for humans to decompose when they die and form part of the environment, enriching it rather than further degrading it. This directly correlates to the responsibility for humans to keep the planet the same way they met it when they leave (die or go into space), void of as much undegradable waste as humanly possible.

2. Pollution

In essence, save our marine life. It is well documented that over 80 percent of the sea is still unexplored and unmapped, but the little unrecyclable and harmful object that goes into the sea kills a tiny percentage of that unexplored sea (I’m hoping we don’t want to be murderers). The sea has the potential to contain a lot of materials that would prove very resourceful in treating and causing a lot of good to the society and way of life of humans when it is discovered, with the possibility of the elements curing strange illnesses (cue in coronavirus). It is imperative that we protect the sea at all costs in order to maintain the ripple effect of the sea saving us when the time comes.

3. Get Rich Quick

Well, not exactly straightforward with this one, and its also not a pyramid scheme (sorry to disappoint) but yes, you can save a lot of money when you buy eco-friendly, giving the fact that eco-friendly products are recyclable and save you the need of buying products frequently rather than products that can be used for a long time and serve you a great deal more than the regular products. For example, instead of buying plastic (non-eco-friendly) bottles which could set you back by a whole lot of money for every bottle, you can instead buy a reusable eco-friendly stainless steel water bottle which can be reused and refilled, thereby saving you a whole lot of money, thereby making you rich.

4. Support Local Businesses

Most eco-friendly products are made locally from your next-door neighbour, which makes it reasonably supportive for you to support small businesses which would help your community grow and encourage healthy living among the residents of your locality.

5. Live Healthy

A major reason for supporting eco-friendly products is the fact that doing so helps you stay healthy as a human being. A lot of what we consume and put on our body affects our body system negatively, with a lot of synthetic products seen to contain chemicals and artificial compounds that should not be consumed into our system. Eco-friendly products are all-natural, thereby reducing the risk of consuming toxic elements or absorbing harmful ones into our body. So, in a way, being eco-friendly saves your life.

With all these juicy benefits of using eco-friendly materials, which is only actually a very tiny fraction of the benefits, what are you waiting for? GO GREEN!

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